Our usual procedure is that from your arrival form which we send you, we provision for the first two or three meals, opening an account in your name with our supplier. You may then work out a menu plan for the rest of your stay, with staff after you arrive. The Villa staff are trained and competent to plan menus, shop and prepare meals. You are on holiday, and you may get as little or as much involved in this, as you choose. Staff can “top up” supplies at any time.

Alternatively, we can provision the house for a week. An itemised bill is presented for reconciliation and unopened items may be returned. Our staff are scrupulously honest. We have been doing this at Sea Haven for 30 years.

Or you may prefer to simplify matters and prepay for all groceries when paying for the villa. There is no extra charge for this.


Very importantly, we need to know ahead of time (before you arrive we will send you a form) about:

preferences for your shopping list

specially desired meals

vegetarian, diabetic or other diets

drinks preferred, and whether you wish bottled water, etc.


The following figures will guide your budget planning, but remember that these are fairly modest estimates and will depend on your tastes. Local lobster, for example, is expensive, as is imported beef, lamb, and wines and liquor. Allow:

approx $30 /day adult

approx $15-$25 /day children