The staff are the soul of any villa. It is often your villa staff, with their lively humour and willing ways that you remember most fondly about your entire villa experience. They LOVE to see you happy;  please do not hesitate to ask for anything at all.  You can set meal times to suit yourself and staff are a fund of information on diverse topics.

Our dear butler, Alfred, retired after 29 years at Sea Haven and sadly passed away 2 years ago.  We and very many of our long time guests, remember him with great affection.

Elva , our housekeeper for 25 years, has stepped up to take his place as house manager and chef and is proving to be phenomenal – the guest book is full of rave reviews! She is sweet-natured, quietly efficient, thorough and careful in her desire to provide everything that guests might wish for.

Angela, your housekeeper, has been with us for 22 years and is enthusiastic, exuberant, and energetic, keeping Sea Haven spic and span.

Elva’s daughter, Camoy, is our assistant housekeeper and is good natured and diligent, she work as many days as needed and also comes in to give each of the others a day off.  Stafford takes care of the garden.  Elva’s son will come and launch the kayaks if help is needed.

After guests have been served dinner, and are settled and happy, the staff go home (Elva is half a mile away), thus ensuring your absolute privacy. They first lock up part-way, set up the morning coffee and leave the keys, and Elva will have given you her cellular number, 440-7347.  She is back on the job by 8.00 every morning, or before.

Sea Haven is part of a guarded gated community.  Our town is a fihing village of very welcoming people.

Last Day Tipping

We are always asked for guidelines on this sensitive issue. The Jamaica Tourist Board’s recommendation is 10-15% of the Villa cost but your generousity should really be a reflection of your satisfaction with the level of service you feel you have received.
Typically the largest share would go to senior people, with the remainder divided up between less visible members of staff. To make this simpler for you, and in case all staff are not present when you depart, we leave in the desk drawer, 4 addressed envelopes, but REMEMBER, the numbers below are only suggestions and you may certainly vary them according to your experience with each person


Assistant HousekeeperCamoy20%