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Our family of 10 rented the Sea Haven property owned by Erica Downer in Discovery Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica & we all had an AMAZING, unforgettable time. The staff provided for us consisted of: Elva (Chef), Angela (Hostess), & Camoy (Hostess). These AMAZING ladies fed us 3 times each day, and to experience authentic Jamaican cuisine was something we all looked forward to prior to even getting there. We celebrated our Son’s 13th Birthday while there and the staff made it an AMAZING experience that will NEVER be forgotten. If you love seafood (as we do), we would provide Elva our request and the local fishermen would fulfill our order, so we thoroughly enjoyed fresh fish, crab, and lobster anytime we wanted it. A produce truck would come by daily and Elva would get whatever she needed for our meals which were an added bonus. The cuisine was so exquisite that we took pictures of EACH meal we ate while there.

The property is well kept; both interior and exterior, with a spacious front yard and a back yard that leads right into the bay so be sure to either bring snorkeling gear or take advantage of the equipment provided on site. We saw several different species of fish, touchable sand sharks, a small manta ray, hermit crabs, and rock crabs. One day, there were hundreds of small jellyfish that blew into the bay where my Wife was unfortunately stung by one on her forearm (nothing major that some vinegar didn’t take care of ), but by the next day and the rest of our stay there, they never came back so just be aware prior to jumping in the water.

Anywhere we went, Jr. (Driver) was wonderful at pointing out the significance of different landmarks and areas as we made our way to and from locations; he was a Historian as well as a highly reliable source of information, especially when it came to recommending things to do and places to go based on our wants. We enjoyed AMAZING sunsets and the occasional relaxing kayak ride around the bay and be sure to take plenty of sunscreen (the sun is very intense & also be prepared for the humidity) as well as some strong mosquito repellent as they get you anytime when outside!

We stayed at Sea Haven 5/30/16 – 6/10/16 and to say the least, it was an AMAZING experience with an added bonus of meeting/seeing family that lived there! We definitely look forward to getting back to Ocho Rios and will keep this location as a mainstay anytime we consider going to Jamaica!!!

-MICHELLE (MAY 30 TO JUNE 10, 2016)

I wanted to thank you again for the stay in your home on Discovery Bay. We brought our daughters there for their first trip to Jamaica and they are in love with the area. I kept trying to take them places and they never wanted to leave the house and the ocean. My younger daughter is still talking about the meals Elva prepared. I think she has more pictures of the food than of the family. I don’t know how to thank you enough for the Jamaica experience your home has allowed us to share with our daughters. I have always wanted them to have the connection with Jamaica that we have had since our first trip with our parents in 1967. They now understand why we are so in love with the island. I did not want their first experience with Jamaica to be at an all-inclusive resort where you really don’t know the area and the people. I wanted them to know the true Jamaica and the loving, hard–working people there. Elva, Angela, and Comoy showed them the kindness of the people. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your home and the wonderful women you have there. I feel honored to have stayed there. Yours in friendship, Wendy and family.

-JUNE 11 TO JUNE 18, 2016

Feb 2022

Thank you to the outstanding Sea Haven team. We had a wonderful time.  The service was amazing.

-Derrick and Charmaine

March 2022

Thank you to the amazing Sea Haven team, Gretchen, Camoy and Tamara looked after us so well. Amazing food and hospitality,  Villa great and so comfortable, would definitely recommend.

-Linda and Jonathan

March 2022

Thank you to Camoy, Greshen and Tamarafor making our stay here amazing.The beautiful views of this villa were the best part of our vacation.  Thank you again for everything.

-Kim and Jill

March 2022

Such  a great experience at Sea Haven. Food was amazing - we are grateful, thank you!

-The Bridges Family

April 2022

What a truly special week with you, Erica, Edward and Natalie, thank you, we loved every minute.

-Downer Family

April 2022

An explosion of exciting activities and tremendous food.  The sea is beautiful and everything is kept in tip top shape. An amazing week of relaxation; we can't wait to come back.

-Brewer Family

May 2022

Thanks for sharing this amazing space but more importantly the love and joy of the place which includes Ms. Elva, Ms Angela and Ms. Camoy.. We were truly loved and cared for as well as pampered. The long tailed hummingbird is amazing. We keep you in our prayers.  From Shaun:  My first time vacationing in Jamaica,  The vest experience ever, very awesome.

-Shaun, Suzi, Ashley and Jennifer

May 2022

The location was gorgeous, the staff was exceptional, great vacation :)


May 2022


-Ronnie and Yolanda

June 2022

The location is ideal; gorgeous vista. Ms Elva, Ms. Angela and Camaya are the gest: food, housekeeping, everything.  Thanks Sea Haven.

-Paul and Lisa



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